Prosecutors will request that a Madison Police Department patrolman arrested on allegations of domestic violence be held without bond.

According to a court documents, Josh A. Abbott, 33, violated a court order by contacting the alleged victim in the case through his mother and made threatening statements about the woman.

The reason listed in the petition for the request for no bond is concerns for the physical safety of the alleged victim. During a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, prosecutors will introduce jail calls and Facebook and text messages they say prove the violation.

"We think we can establish a clear intent on his part to apply pressure to the alleged victim" not to cooperate with authorities, Chief Deputy Prosecutor D.J. Mote said.

During a recorded jail call on Feb. 7, Abbott tells his mother to "be a boa constrictor, wrap around and slowly squeeze," the alleged victim.

In a call two days later, Abbott suggests his mother retrieve his vehicle from the woman's home, which would also be a chance for them to "talk sense" into the alleged victim, according to prosecutors.

In the second call, Abbott says, "it will be a heck of a lot harder if the State didn't have their main witness," according to court records.

Part of the terms of his release would include that he not contact the alleged victim in this case, which prosecutors claim he did through a third party.

"We believe we can establish by clear and convincing evidence he has violated the terms and conditions of his release," Mote said. He added Abbott gave no specific instructions telling another person to act, but that there was "clear intent" on Abbott's behalf.

Abbott's mother also sent Facebook messages to the alleged victim about the incident

In the messages, Abbott's mother and the alleged victim talk about Abbott's children and the fact that Abbott loves the woman. But the state's position toward bond is more about the fact that the woman had been contacted and less about the content of the messages.

Murielle Bright, Abbott's attorney, did not return a call seeking comment.