Prosecutors have filed a complaint against the owner and employees of Needful Things for the seizure of more than $234,000 police found while executing search warrants.

The complaint was filed Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court against Julie Marshall, Rita Smith and Steven Warren, who were arrested in October after an investigation into the adult store for dealing narcotics and for tax fraud.

Marshall, the owner of the store, was arrested on 21 drug- and tax-related charges. Smith, the manager of the store, was arrested on five charges, including four drug charges.

Warren was an employee of the store who police said sold a controlled substance to an undercover detective.

According to the complaint, police seized $234,540.07 and three vehicles during the execution of search warrants. Prosecutors argue that the money and vehicles are tied to the sale and transport of illegal drugs and should be turned over to the prosecutor's office.

Prosecutor Chad Lewis said this complaint is a safety net in case the federal government does not accept jurisdiction of the seizure. The search warrants for Needful Things and several homes Marshall owns were filed in Jefferson Superior Court. Prosecutors have filed a motion to turn over the jurisdiction of the forfeiture case to the federal government; no ruling has been issued.

Federal guidelines limit the amount of time that can pass between the seizure of funds and the time when the federal government will accept the turnover of jurisdiction. Lewis said the Circuit Court filing was filed just in case the Superior Court turnover is not granted within the federal time limit.