Soecial to the Courier

An application for Rembrandt’s Gallery and Wine Bar to get a three-way liquor license has been sent to the state for consideration after the City Council voted Wednesday to recommend it.

Bob Maile’s application had been tabled at a previous meeting after council member Darrell Henderson raised questions.

His questions included whether Maile could meet guidelines for creation and retention of jobs because Rembrandt’s has no employees. Instead, Maile hires a company that handles all employee matters.

City attorney Joe Jenner told council members they could attach whatever weight they wanted to each part of the guidelines.

Supporters of Maile’s application told council members that if the guidelines were so troublesome, perhaps the council should change the guidelines. Other speakers backed the way Maile runs his business by outsourcing human resources as being as being acceptable and not uncommon.

The vote to recommend state approval was 6-1, with Henderson voting no.

During the discussion, council member Laura Hodges said she will introduce a change so that the City Council would not be part of decision-making process on liquor licenses.