Support for Second Amendment Sanctuary counties has been a topic of much conversation in the Courierarea since Jennings County Sheriff Kenny Free­man and other local and state officials in mid-January signed a resolution in support of a Second Amendment Sanctuary county.
At the time, Freeman said, “We are here to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Indiana. We are doing this for the people.” But, he said in response to a question, “Yes, this is absolutely symbolic.”
A few days later, Trimble County, Kentucky, joined the list of local governments approving resolutions to become “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”
Judge Executive Todd Pollock introduced the resolution at a Fiscal Court meeting and said it’s similar to what Harlan County, Kentucky, had approved in December.
“In all truth, this is very symbolic. It doesn’t have any teeth. We can’t enforce things that the state or feds don’t give us permission to do,” Pollock said. “However, if each county is doing these resolutions — and there’s a lot of them doing it — it’s going to send the legislators in Frankfort and in Washington D.C. a very strong message that we don’t want our Second Amendment rights infringed on.”
Also in late January, Scott County, Indiana, Sheriff Jerry Goodin posted to the department Facebook page that he had “ issued a proclamation today confirming his support for the Constitution of the United States of America and Amendments and the Constitution of the State Of Indiana and Amendments.” He wrote that he issued the proclamation “to show his belief and strict adherence to the documents we live by. He had the Proclamation stamped by the Clerk of the Courts in Scott County and Notarized to make it an official document in the State of Indiana.”
On the last day of January, Switzerland County Sheriff Brian Morton posted to the department Facebook page that “As Sheriff of Switzerland County I, Brian L. Morton, took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Indiana.
“In our great republic and county, all of our individual constitutional rights shall be honored and protected. I proudly support our Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights, as they are the foundation for this great nation.”
Also on Jan. 31, Sheriff Dave Thomas of Jefferson County posted to that department’s Facebook page:
“To the citizens of Jefferson County, Indiana;
“Thank you for sharing your interest in defending the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and “I understand there is a great deal of interest in protecting our rights under the Second Amendment and that public officials are frequently asked to commit or take positions on political or policy matters.
“I first took the oath, defending the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Indiana in 1979, as an Indiana State Trooper.
“In November of 2018, I was constitutional elected as your Sheriff and that is a very proud moment in my life.
“As every Sheriff, being elected included the taking of the very serious oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Indiana. ‘I did not take either of these oaths lightly or with any less than full respect and intent to honor them.
“I have stated a number of times I support the Constitution and all of its amendments. I strive to do that every day along with all members of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.”