Four different school layout designs were on display in the Madison Consolidated Schools' administration building Monday as the building task force began a study of how space is being utilized in MCS school buildings.

Two of the layouts were of E.O. Muncie Elementary School and two were of Madison Consolidated High School.

The goal, according to Tom Neff, architect for Schmidt & Associates, was to get the task force to think about how space is used as well as how space could be repurposed or redesigned. 

"What happens is, it gives you a sense of relative scale of some of the components," Neff said. "It shows you how you would put them together. It's an interesting exercise  when you walk through the building. It gives you an awareness of how you think it could be."

Neff ran through several different organizational designs for members to consider as the project moves ahead.

He said the task force should keep what it learned in mind for the next meeting when the group tours E.O. Muncie and the high school. The tours will take place before the regularly scheduled meeting, starting at 4 p.m. Oct. 21 at the elementary school. The regularly scheduled meeting will take place at Madison high school after the tour. 

The task force also discussed critical success indicators that Neff had the group compile at its previous meeting. The indicators are examples of things task force members think need to happen in order for a referendum to raise building funds to pass.

Neff said he condensed the indicators into four basic statements.

• Communicate a message of urgency to the community that is based on an honest and non-political, superior education plan that responds to environmental and physical safety of students, staff and community.

"I think that's really good as a number one goal," Neff said. "You can start to justify different things under that goal."

• Create a learning environment that supports a well- defined academic vision that embraces the future and becomes a catalyst for economic development that results in jobs for students.

• Develop a strategic plan that demonstrates "excellent stewardship."

• Ensure that commitments made by the task force are kept and built on trust.