There have been at least four other accidents involving school buses in Kentucky since Sept. 10, according to online accounts. No one was killed, and none of the injuries were life-threatening.

One of the accidents was Monday, the same day as the fatal crash in Carrollton. A school bus in Christian County hit a deer, struck a guardrail and skidded about 150 feet. Nine children received minor injuries.

Two of the four Kentucky school bus accidents since Sept. 10 were in Louisville. A Jefferson County, Ky., Public Schools bus flipped on its side after it was broad-sided. Some of the students on the bus were seriously injured, but none of the injuries were life-threatening, according to an online report.

Last week, a school bus and a public transportation bus brushed their mirrors or their sides in downtown Louisville on Thursday. No one was injured.

On Sept. 10, a school bus with only one student on board was involved in a six-vehicle crash in Bullitt County. No one was hurt.

Two of the worst bus crashes in U.S. history were in Kentucky. The more recent, in May 1988, involved a church bus that was struck by a drunken driver in a pickup truck on the interstate in Carroll County. Twenty-four children and three adults died.

The earlier was in February 1958, when a school bus carrying a high school choir rear-ended a wrecker in Floyd County, causing the school bus to plunge into a creek. Twenty-six students and the driver were killed.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says an average of five occupants of school transportation vehicles - buses or vehicles used as school buses - are killed in traffic crashes each year.