Madison police arrested six people after receiving information that there was methamphetamine production at an apartment on Ivy Tech Drive.

Police on Tuesday arrested:

• James T. Beeler, 25, of Madison;

• Anthony W. Terry, 31, of Pendleton, Ky.;

• Billie Jean Turley, 31, of Madison;

• Tracy L. Romans, 20, of Madison;

• Mark A. Stacey, 32, of Charlestown;

• Amberly D. Beeler, 27 of Madison.

Chief Dan Thurston said officers received information last week about the production of meth at the Ivy Tech Drive location, but upon checking the residence only found ingredients and no other evidence they were producing meth.

Officers went back to the home Monday after a review of pseudoephedrine purchases showed a large number of boxes being bought by Romans and James Beeler, Thurston said.

After being invited inside the home, officers smelled marijuana and requested permission to search the home.

The search uncovered an active meth lab in the bathroom as well as several ingredients for meth production in the residence, Thurston said.

Terry was arrested on charges of dealing meth, conspiracy to deal meth, possession of precursors and possession of marijuana. Terry was also wanted on a warrant from Kentucky.

James Beeler, Turley and Romans were arrested on charges of dealing meth, conspiracy to deal meth and possession of precursors.

Amberly Beeler and Stacey were arrested on charges of maintaining a common nuisance.

Further searches of pseudoephedrine purchases showed that Turley and Terry made purchases of the meth ingredient in the past, Thurston said, but Terry had not made a purchase since October 2012.

Officers involved in the investigation were Det. Lt. Jonathon Simpson, Sgt. Ben McKay and patrolmen James Lee, Ricky Harris, Kurtis Wallace and Dylan Barnes.