Trimble County Courthouse offices are partially open or finding alternatives for operating three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with Kentucky Supreme Court orders.

Circuit Court Clerk’s offices began limited reopenings June 1 with several new procedures in place for those seeking driver’s licenses, civil court services or going through the criminal court system.

Courtrooms are open and jury proceedings have resumed, but public access is still restricted and jury trials are not expected to resume until after August, Circuit Court Clerk Stacy Bruner said. Only court personnel and 10 other people, such as attorneys and witnesses are allowed in gthe courtroom at a time, Sheriff Charlie Kelton, whose’s office is monitoring attendance, said.

Civil courts are also functioning without allowing foot traffic and residents have the option e-filing or mailing in complaints or payments, Bruner said.

Foot traffic is only being allowed for certain situations, such as those seeking emergency protective orders, payments to the courts, or for certain driver’s license appointments. Driver’s registration has forced Trimble to be especially nimble, with multiple procedures in place.

According to information sent out by Bruner earlier this month, those whose license or ID was lost or stolen between March 1 and June 30 must apply for a duplicate or renewal through an online form on That form must be completed and emailed to with a valid phone number where the county can contact applicants to collect credit or debit card information. Payment by cash, check or money order can be attached to a completed printed form and deposited in the drop box located at the back of the courthouse. Applicants should receive their new license within a week.

Residents who have moved from another state or county, have had a name change, or have seen their license lost, stolen or expire before March 1 must stop by with proof of a name change or proof of residency after scheduling an appointment. Residents will be required to abide by all social distancing measures, self-check for symptoms and be wearing a mask before entering.

Appointments are only allowed on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays must be made at

As for new drivers, Trimble is not yet conducting road tests or permit testing. Permit tests for Trimble residents are being conducted in Gallatin County, but new drivers will first need to email to schedule an appointment at the Trimble courthouse to pick up their test card and information on how to make an appointment in Warsaw, Kentucky. Once the resident has tested and passed testing in Gallatin County, they will need to set up another appointment at the Trimble courthouse to return their test packet and proof of passing the test to receive their permit.

“This will almost certainly not be a one-day process as it has been in the past,” Bruner noted in the instructions. Meanwhile, officials do not know when drivers licensing road testing will resume.