Southwestern Schools will operate with a $13.2 million budget next year, $1.2 million less than this year. 

The largest cut comes to the capital projects fund. The school district received $1.4 million in 2013, but will receive $817,249 in 2014. 

Laura Boldery, assistant to the superintendent and school treasurer, presented the budget information to the school board Monday night.

"Every fund has been reduced," Boldery said. "When I advertise (the proposed budget) I advertise high, because I know they're going to cut us back, I just didn't know they were going to cut back this much."

The bus replacement fund also was funded less than expected. Funding was reduced from $375,000 to $146,000, meaning the school will only have enough money to replace one bus.

To counteract the results of the budget, Boldery suggested the use of the school's rainy day fund, which has never been used. A move she described as "urgent."

There is currently $300,000 in the fund.

Indiana's rainy day fund law says a school board may authorize the school treasurer to transfer up to 10 percent of any tax-bearing fund to the rainy day fund for a budget year.

Funds can be transferred from the rainy day fund into the general fund, capital projects fund, transportation fund or bus replacement fund.

The amount of money Boldery wants to transfer will be announced at the school board's next meeting on January 13. 

Also at the meeting, Southwestern Superintendent Steve Telfer announced that snow makeup days will be Feb. 17 and April 18.