The ENVISION Jefferson County steering committee will host a community forum to discuss the county's vision for the future from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday in the air-conditioned Brown Gym.

The committee will present six areas that could use improvement in the community. The forum will be used to discuss which items are important to the community and which should be cast aside.

The community forum will ensure the committee is focusing on the right issues.

The six areas the committee will address are advancing economic vitality, creating an attractive physical environment, improving the quality of education, developing a thriving entertainment and arts culture, building a positive community through leadership and promoting health and safety.

After the community forum, the steering committee will meet July 16 to present a draft of the action plan. The plan will be introduced to the community on Aug. 13 to get an idea of where to start on these initiatives, and a final plan is expected to be finished by September.