The teens participating in Student Government Day voted to name the press box, concession stands and restroom building at Madison Consolidated High School in memory of their classmate Kennedy Rucker. He was killed in a car crash a year ago this month.

"The kids have done so much for Kennedy and myself over the last year, and it never stops," Rucker's mother, Michelle Rucker Finnegan, told the city officials who had been shadowed all day by students. "This is the best honor. He had so much fun at the concession stands and calling games."

His mother was at the City Council meeting Tuesday night when the students followed tradition by taking an official action before their day of shadowing city officials ended. Finnegan said she had not known why she was asked to be at the meeting.

The students, who are in Denise Corbin's Advanced Placement government class at Madison Consolidated High School, also conveyed a concern of students at the high school about safety when they cross Clifty Drive to Harry Nichols Drive. The students asked that the police department, the City Council traffic committee and the Indiana Department of Transportation study the issue.

The students and who they shadowed were Carissa Swiger, City Council President Laura Hodges; Aaron Wilson, City Council member Darrell Henderson; Lindsey Williams, City Council member Jim Lee; Mariah Scott, Sheriff John Wallace during the day and City Council member Kevin Kellems at the meeting; Hannah Norris ,community relations executive assistant Andrew Forrester; Sean Brink, Mayor Damon Welch; Derek Hughes, Clerk-Treasurer Bill Kalb; Nathaniel Burkhardt, Police Chief Dan Thurston and Assistant Chief Jeremey Perkins during the day and City Council member Pete Backus at the meeting; and Andrew Wilson, building inspector Mark Johnson during the day at City Council member Dick Jones at the meeting.