Several students demonstrated new teaching concepts being implemented at Milton Elementary during a school board meeting Wednesday night.

School board members and parents gathered in the cafeteria to hear of classroom initiatives for Milton Elementary students.

Second-grade teacher Tara Isley and students showcased the school's new summer reading program that began this year.

Milton Elementary Principal Sharon James said the program had a really good inaugural year.

"It was very popular," she said. "We had a really good turnout."

Isley and Trimble County Public Library personnel worked with students on crafts and learning ideas with the theme of digging throughout the program. Students created dirt pudding and learned about rocks with an edible rock cycle.

The group also tried "digging for dinos" during one of the summer reading program events.

"My goal was to make (reading) fun," Isley said.

School technology coordinator Lisa Fryman and a group of students presented a history of the wars in the United States. Students compiled the presentation for the school's Veterans Day program earlier this week. Students outlined the conflicts from the Revolutionary War to the Iraq War during the school board meeting.

Fifth-grade teacher Amy Maddox and a few of her students also presented thinking strategies for social studies. Maddox said students can use visualizing techniques, ask questions and look for text clues to expand ideas when reading textbooks. Students also develop their vocabulary by expanding definitions from the text.

"You probably do these things without thinking about it," Maddox told parents.

Students have also been asked to think about both sides of the situation for the historical events they study, Maddox said. Students shared examples of the journal entries they wrote from the perspective of Columbus, as well as the natives Columbus met when landing in the New World.

The journals and writing prompts allow students to expand their views by taking a deeper look into the issue, Maddox said.

In other business:

• Elementary, middle and high school site-based decision making councils and school board members took a look at the test data from the previous school year during the meeting. The council and school board looked at each school's Report Card and other test analysis data to make progress in the test scores for this school year.