Students attending Madison Consolidated Schools will once again have their textbooks and other fees waived next school year thanks to a donation from local company SuperATV.

The Madison-based company paid for the same fees this past school year and has made the same offer to the school system for the next school season. The Madison School Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the gift at Wednesday’s monthly school board meeting.

“They have been an amazing partner, not only to us, but to the community as a whole,” Madison Superintendent Jeff Studebaker said. “We can’t thank them enough for their generosity.”

Like last year, SuperATV’s gift will cover all book rental fees and other fees for students who are not otherwise eligible for free textbooks. The gift also covers all supply lists needed by teachers.

Studebaker said that a mailing detailing exactly what SuperATV is offering will be sent to everybody in the community in the coming weeks.

“We are forever grateful for the continued generosity of Mr. Harold Hunt and the entire SuperATV team,” Studebaker said in a release concerning the donation. “This gift to our community and the families of Madison Consolidated Schools is so very appreciated, but perhaps even more so this year, given the uncertainties some of our families are experiencing around the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The gift from SuperATV was the highlight of a board meeting that was conducted almost completely online due to COVID-19 crowd restrictions with only Board President Rob Kring, Studebaker and Administrative Assistant Pam Smith, along with the media, on hand in person. The other four board members were present remotely via video conferencing.

The board ran through several items during the 30-minute session, including honoring the district’s teacher of the year and employee of the year.

The school board also approved a proposal by Studebaker to help non-certified staff member who have been working during the COVID-19 shutdown. Emergency personal days were granted to such staff, but those who were deemed essential employees, such as cafeteria workers, have stayed on the job and have had personal days accumulate. In the past, those days could not be carried over to the next year but the board voted to waive that rule, allowing those workers to keep their personal days.

The board also approved a request to designate scoreboards at both fields of the soccer complex obsolete. The boards, now surplus, will be donated to the City of Madison and new boards, paid for through advertising commitments, will be installed in their place.

The board also approved the purchase of new copy machines, change orders for LED lighting being installed as part of an improvement project at the high school football field, hired summer staff members, and renewed its longtime relationship with King’s Daughters’ Health to provide athletic training services to all athletic programs.

The next meeting of the Madison School Board of Trustees will be Wednesday, June 10.