The Madison Redevelopment Commission, or TIF board, has again tabled a request to widen Dawson Smith Road. The project would widen the road on the east side of Shun Pike because of increased traffic to the road.

The issue was tabled at the last meeting so city attorney Joe Jenner could determine if the project would fall under the TIF board's jurisdiction.

Under Jenner's interpretation, the project is considered maintenance or an improvement to the road, which would fit under the umbrella of the TIF board.

The board discussed funding the expansion - the estimated cost of which is more than $209,000 - and came to a consensus that it could fund part of the project. One suggestion was that the TIF board cover one third of the project, while the county covers the remaining two thirds.

Board president Joe Craig suggested the matter be tabled so that the suggested plan could be taken to the Jefferson County Commissioners for review.

"It looks like you've got some support at this particular time," Craig said to retired Jefferson County Highway Engineer Jim Olson.

In other news, Mayor Damon Welch said discussion of an upgrade to the intersection of Shun Pike Road and Hutchinson Lane, near Arvin Sango, would begin soon.

Welch said the road had designs for either a roundabout or an enhanced four-way stop.

"We're pretty much ready to start looking at that now," he said.