The lighting of the community Christmas tree and of the lights along the tops of Main Street businesses will be at 6 p.m. Friday at the park at the Broadway Fountain.

The time was announced Monday at the Board of Works meeting.

Also at the meeting, Mayor Damon Welch, the chairman of the board, said the city will "take under advisement" a request from Carolyn Taylor, co-trustee of Tower Court Trailer Park, for compensation for having paved Tower Court without knowing it was a city street.

The city took over maintenance of several street, including Tower Court, in 2007, but she didn't know about it when she became a trustee in 2008.

City attorney Joe Jenner told the board members that if they need legal advice about the issues, they will have to hire outside counsel because his law partner, Darrell Auxier, is the attorney for the trust represented by Taylor.