Madison police arrested a Madison teen Tuesday after police said he stole a car.

Officers responded to the Country Hearth Inn where a 2001 maroon Toyota Avalon was stolen from the parking lot, Chief Dan Thurston said. Thurston said the car was able to be stolen because the keys were in the vehicle.

Officers located the vehicle in the 2800 block of Kennedy Drive. They watched the vehicle until Terry A. Birge, 17, of North Vernon, got into the vehicle, Thurston said. Officers stopped the car and discovered marijuana in Birge's pocket, Thurston said.

Upon being taken to the jail, Birge had a blood-alcohol level of 0.03 percent.

Birge was initially arrested on charges of auto theft, possession of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by a minor and operating a vehicle without ever being licensed.

Prosecutors said Birge has previously been charged with attempted robbery with a handgun, which were filed as adult charges. These charges will be filed in Circuit Court.

Additional charges that are expected to be filed this morning include attempted escape and criminal mischief. Prosecutor Chad Lewis said Birge slid back a ceiling tile in a holding room at the jail and crawled through the ceiling before falling out into the booking area.