A Madison man has pleaded guilty to taking part in an armed robbery at the Red Pepperoni in March 2013.

Police say Bryant A. Bladen, 19, was one of two men to enter the restaurant with a knife and demand cash while two other men served as lookouts. The suspects left with $500.

Bladen pleaded guilty to robbery, a Class B felony; and escape, a Class D felony, in Superior Court on Thursday.

The escape charge stems from Bladen having removed his Jefferson County Community Corrections ankle bracelet prior to his arrest.

The agreement states that Bladen will serve 13 years for the robbery conviction and three for the felony escape conviction at the Indiana Department of Correction. The sentences will run consecutively - or one after the other - and there will no be time suspended.

Bladen is the third suspect to plead guilty in the case.

William Zachary Barnes has been sentenced to six years in prison for his part in the robbery, while Christian Williams - who testified that he and Bladen were the men who entered the restaurant with a knife - has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The case of Jeremy D. Howard, another co-defendant police say served as a lookout in the robbery, is pending.