Madison police arrested three people Sunday on several drug-related charges.

Detective Lt. Jonathon Simpson received information about methamphetamine production at a house where Victory B. "Vic" Wynn lived, according to the probable cause affidavit from the case.

Simpson and Senior Patrolman Joe Baker responded to the house and after being invited inside, could smell burnt marijuana, according to the affidavit and saw several people in a back bedroom moving around.

Simpson said he believed people were either destroying evidence or attempting to flee. Upon going to the back bedroom, police said they found Shawn W. Terry, 45, and Zebulon Neff, 29, outside the house and found a backpack and a black bag.

Officers said the items were warm to the touch, suggesting they had just been brought outside. Inside a black bag that was found near Neff, officers found marijuana and two Oxycodone and Morphine pills, police said.

In the other backpack, officers said they found 11 pills that turned out to be controlled substances, plastic bags that had methamphetamine on them and personal paperwork belonging to Terry.

Police searched the house and found several items of paraphernalia that had a white residue on it that tested positive for meth, according to the affidavit.

Wynn was arrested on charges of possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance and maintaining a common nuisance. Terry was arrested on charges of possession of meth and possession of a controlled substance. Neff was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.