Police arrested a Madison man Tuesday after receiving an anonymous tip regarding the illegal distribution of prescription pills.

Police saw Dan Fluhr, 22, at an apartment where they received the tip about drug activity. Police later found Fluhr in possession of hydrocodone after a traffic stop, according to a news release.

An anonymous caller told police that a man from Scott County was traveling to the Madison area to distribute a significant amount of prescription pills in the 100 block of West Street.

Det. Lt. Jonathon Simpson conducted surveillance in the area in an unmarked police car. He recognized a vehicle that pulled into the parking lot as being similar to one owned by Fluhr, according to the news release.

Simpson saw Fluhr enter the apartment and then return to his car a short time later. Police knew Fluhr to be involved in the use and distribution of prescription pills from previous investigations, according to the news release.

Senior Patrolman Joe Baker later pulled over Fluhr's vehicle in the 500 block of West Street for a traffic violation. While speaking with Fluhr, Baker observed a clear plastic baggy containing white, oblong shaped pills in the passenger's seat, the release said.

Baker asked Fluhr to exit the vehicle and asked him about the pills. Fluhr stated they were hydrocodone and belonged to a "friend," according to the release. Fluhr admitted to not having a valid prescription to have the pills in his possession, the release said.

Baker seized the pills as evidence and later confirmed the pills as hydrocodone 10mg, which is a Schedule III controlled substance. Fluhr was transported to the Jefferson County Jail where he faces a charge of dealing in a controlled substance.

Baker also located text messages on Fluhr's phone discussing purchasing and selling prescription pills, the release said.

Chief Dan Thurston said the investigation is ongoing.