Magistrates discussed several issues from previous meetings that needed additional research during a special meeting of the Trimble County Fiscal Court on Friday.

Trimble County Judge-Executive Jerry Powell told magistrates during the meeting that flex funds to be used on the county's rural secondary roads had not been used to pay for two previous bridge projects on KY 625, so a motion from Monday's meeting was no longer valid.

Magistrates had discussed the use of flex funds from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet during the Fiscal Court's regular meeting. After identifying the need for a bridge replacement on Connector Road during Monday's meeting, the Fiscal Court approved returning flex funds to the state agency if the state money had been used to complete the other bridge projects on KY 625.

Magistrates discussed the need for the bridge replacement and other options, including asphalt projects in the county.

"That's probably the only bridge that we have right now that residents can't cross (during inclement weather)," Magistrate Steven Stark said. The bridge often floods because of high water.

Magistrates unanimously approved a motion to return the county's portion totaling over $114,000 in flex funds to the state agency for use on the bridge replacement.

The Fiscal Court also discussed the possibility of leaving a motorcross dirt course used during the county fair in place instead of moving the course after each year. Organizers had asked the Fiscal Court to consider the idea to help save nearly $2,000 per year in costs.

Powell said the Kentucky Association of Counties, which holds the county's insurance, would not cover any accidents that would happen at the park following the fair events. The park would be at it's own risk to leave the motorcross course in place throughout the year, he told magistrates.

"They're not going to cover it," Powell said.

Magistrates discussed other options, such as posting signs, that would allow the course to remain throughout the year.

"It might be best to tell them they have to continue to move the dirt," county attorney Perry Arnold said.

Magistrate Nolan Hamilton also agreed that the course shouldn't be left if insurance wouldn't cover possible accidents.

"We can't afford to get sued over it," he said.

Magistrates unanimously approved a motion to remove the motorcross track at the park after events due to insurance issues.

Also during the meeting, the Fiscal Court went into executive session to discuss employee salaries. Magistrates made a motion following the executive session to decrease the annual salary of the county's Animal Control Officer to $23,500. The salary had been set at $27,500.

The motion was approved by a 3-2 vote with Powell casting the deciding vote to approve the salary decrease.

In other business:

• Powell told magistrates the county received a letter from the state asking for a refund of grant money not used during the 2010 fiscal year for emergency management services. Magistrates approved the repayment of $9,731.67.

• A county road may be taken over by the state road department within the next few months, Powell said. Powell talked with the state road department about the possibility of turning Mill Creek Road into a state roadway for maintenance reasons. County road crews must travel through another county to make needed repairs.