Trimble County school board members discussed two possible timelines for the second phase of the district's athletic fields project during a meeting Wednesday.

Bob Haffermann with K. Norman Berry Associates Architects of Louisville told the board several factors will go into the final timeline of the project, including the type of turf for the football field and the final decision concerning the athletic schedule.

One schedule presented to the board would not allow for any home football games in the fall, while the other schedule allows for three home football games but a shortened or no track season in the spring. Both schedules show the project would be completed by August 2014.

"I wanted to get you thinking about it," Haffermann told board members. No decision was made on the issue during the meeting.

Haffermann said the project really comes down to the final decision of what type of turf will be used to make sure the seed has enough time to grow. The board had discussed the use of fescue or Bermuda grass for the field.

"The Bermuda seems like a great choice, but nobody likes the way it looks," Haffermann said.

Superintendent Marcia Dunaway noted the grass does change color through the winter months.

"It gets as brown as it can be," she said. "It's beautiful during the season."

Board members asked if they might be able to visit other area football fields to see what might look best or be the best fit for the new Trimble County field.

School board member Scott Burrows said the decision about the turf choice might be best decided by the staff in charge of taking care of the grounds and athletes.

"I still feel like that decision should be made by the people mowing it, playing on it," he said.

Other school board members asked what parents thought of not having a home game for football or a home track meet.

"It's depends on who you ask," Dunaway said, noting football parents want home football games. "Of course, track parents want track."

With the two schedules presented, one athletic team will most likely miss competitions at home for one season.

"I know we're going to have a hard time, and there are going to be people upset either way," Burrows said.

The board does hope that parents and student athletes see that whatever decision is made in the end will allow future athletes to have a better location to host games and meets.

"You're not going to make everyone happy," board chairwoman Haley Turner said. "It's just not going to work that way."