Trimble County school board members Wednesday unanimously rejected all of the bids submitted for the second phase of the athletic fields project.

Four bids had been submitted but one company, Prodigy Construction, withdrew the submitted bid just days after bids were opened. The company claimed to have made a significant error in the base bid, Bob Haffermann with K. Norman Berry Associates Architects of Louisville said. The three remaining bids came in "quite a bit over budget," he said.

All three bids were more than $1 million over the school's approved project budget of $1.7 million.

Of the three remaining bids, MAC Construction submitted the lowest bid of $2.72 million. EH Construction submitted a bid of $2.8 million and Louisville Paving submitted a bid of $2.998 million.

Haffermann said he believed several of the companies didn't understand the alternate bidding options and included those options in the base bid. He also noted the Burmuda turf grass was nearly two and one-half times higher than he expected.

He recommended that the school board reject all of the bids and rebid the project with modifications. The bids were rejected 5-0.

Haffermann discussed some areas where the school board could cut back on the project. He recommended reconsidering the drainage system under the football field.

"That seemed to be an area of significant costs," he said.

He also noted cost savings could be taken by shrinking the size of the plaza, eliminating the entry gateway and not run a water line to the practice field. Haffermann said board members could consider deleting the restroom facilities from the project and not expanding the parking lot to save on costs as well.

School board members didn't immediately identify items they wished to cut from the project, but they agreed some portions of the project might have to be reworked.

"I have no problem reducing things you can't see," school board member Scott Burrows said, but he didn't want to see a major difference in the original plans.

School board member Tony Walker said the project should have the bathroom facility. School board member Kim Temple agreed.

"I think we need (restrooms)," Temple said, noting the athletic fields at the elementary school have public restrooms near the fields. "I also think we need an entry gate."

The rebidding process will put the second phase of the athletic fields behind schedule, but Haffermann hopes it will only delay the beginning of the project by a few weeks.

The school board and architects plan to meet soon to discuss alternatives for the project.

In other business:

• The board recognized four students from Trimble County High School who participated in the Governor's Scholar Program during the summer. Christian Apel, Conner Ball, Olivia Cooley and McKenna Ginn shared their experiences at different Kentucky colleges.

• High school teacher Angela Pacheco presented two new instructional strategies she began to use this year. Pacheco told board members about the Learning Target Inventories she uses in class daily for student self-assessments.

"This is where the quietest kid in class gets to interact," she said.

The inventories allow students to rate their knowledge on the key ideas presented throughout a section of the class or the semester. The inventories also allow Pacheco to plan for the next day should she need to reinforce an idea or concept.

"(It's the) best tool I've come across in my 18 years of teaching," she said. "The kids, I think, enjoy it too."

Pacheco also showed an example of Educreations, an app that allows teachers to upload mini-lessons and examples for students.

Students can access the app through their iPhones or iPads in study hall, before and after school or at home.

Pacheco noted students could be able to have a tutor whenever it's convenient for them.

"They get a lot of use out of that," she said.

So far, the Educreations app has been used for science classes, but Pacheco hopes to be able to expand the program's use in the school soon.

• School board members approved the school district's vision, mission and belief statement during the meeting. They also approved a yearbook stipend for elementary schools and the school resource officer contract for the 2013-2014 school year.