Madison police arrested two people Tuesday in connection with methamphetamine production.

Police responded with EMS to Windridge Apartments and found George Owens on a couch. Earlier in the evening, Owens had been "freaking out," and said he had been locked in a bathroom with birds that were trying to kill him, according to Patrolman Jacob Schmidt.

The apartment renter told Schmidt she did not want Owens in her apartment because he had brought several items to the home, including syringes and a white powder that tested positive for meth, according to police.

Officers applied for a warrant to search the apartment, and upon their return, found Benjamin T. Tharp, 34, and Sherry A. Hunter, 41, carrying laundry baskets out of the residence, police said.

Schmidt said he found pseudoephedrine pills - the main ingredient in the manufacture of meth - in Tharp's pocket along with a container with a white powder consistent with meth.

Police K9s were brought to the scene and they indicated the presence of narcotics in the two vehicles, according to the affidavit. Police found a 20 oz. bottle in one of the laundry baskets that contained a liquid consistent with meth production, Schmidt said.

A search of the residence turned up several ingredients used to produce meth, police said. Tharp told police he stayed at the residence occasionally, but was leaving because he felt something was going on in the apartment, Schmidt said. Tharp denied any involvement in making meth, as did Hunter.

Tharp and Hunter were arrested on an initial charge of visiting a common nuisance. Prosecutors asked for a 72-hour hold to determine what charges to file. Hunter was released on bond shortly after her arrest. Tharp is being held on a $30,000 cash bond.