Jefferson County United Way is looking for a "final push" to reach its 2013 fundraising goal of $350,000, drive chair Jay Roney said Monday.

The nonprofit organization reported that it is at about 77 percent - about $270,000 - toward reaching its goal for this year's campaign drive, which officially kicked off in September.

"At 77 percent, I'm happy," Roney said. "But we still have a ways to go, and we want to get there."

"It's a goal that's more than achievable if everybody can find it in their hearts to donate," he said.

The money from the drive will be distributed next year to the 13 local agencies supported by the United Way. They are: Girls Inc., Boy Scouts of America Hoosier Trails Council, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club/Family & Community Center, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Southwestern Recreation Association, LifeTime Resources/Sentry Services, Southeastern Indiana Independent Living Center, La Casa Amiga, Turning Point, Salvation Army, American Red Cross and USO.

United Way distributes the money quarterly based on a percentage determined by the board.

"With the United Way, it's great, because we know it's going to those local agencies," Roney said. "It should make people who donate very proud of what they're doing."

While the United Way welcomes individual donations, a majority of the funding comes from payroll deductions, or when an employee donates a portion of their paycheck.

Roney said it's likely one of the 13 agencies supported by the United Way have benefited every Jefferson County resident - or someone they know - in some form or another.

"If the community doesn't support these agencies now, there is the potential that we could lose them," he said.

Roney said there is currently no plan to extend the drive after the end of the year, although the board ultimately could decide to take that route, much like it did for the 2012 and 2011 drives.

Last year, the campaign raised about $340,000, while the 2011 effort brought more than $330,000.

"We're still waiting on the corporate sponsors and other company pledges to come in," he said. "Once those come in, we'll have a better idea."

To donate to the United Way, call (812) 265-2036, or send a check to P.O. Box 193, Madison, IN 47250.