The Vail-Holt Funeral Home has been sold to the Woodlawn Family Funeral Centre.

Woodlawn owns funeral homes in Seymour and Freetown. The business is owned by Andy and Brandy Rumph.

"The Rumphs, who own two funeral homes in Jackson County, take great pride in the service that they provide to the families and are anxious to bring their special touches to the families in Madison,"said Jim Holt, former Vail-Holt owner, in a news release.

The funeral home will be called the Woodlawn Family Funeral Centre - Vail Chapel, Holt said.

The Vail family began the funeral service in Madison in 1839. In 1978, the name changed to the Vail-Holt Funeral Home.

All pre-arranged funerals on file have been accepted by the new owners and will be serviced as written. Individual communications to all on-file customers will follow in the next few weeks, Holt said.

Rob Holt, Jim Holt's son, will continue assisting the Rumphs with the funeral home. Jim and Sherrill Holt will soon open a monument business on Lanier Drive.

Jim Holt said he could not have found a better couple to run the Vail Chapel than Andy and Brandy Rumph.

An open house will be held soon to introduce the Rumphs.

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