A Madison woman was arrested Thursday on multiple charges of theft and forgery. Police said she falsified the amount of tips she received on credit card receipts at the restaurant where she worked as a waitress.

April M. Royalty, 36, of Madison, was arrested on 48 charges, including 23 charges of forgery, a Class C felony, and 23 charges of theft, a Class D felony. Police said Royalty stole $554 over a three-week period.

Madison police received a call about theft by an employee at Crystal & Jules restaurant Thursday. Officers Ricky Harris and Brent Bennett responded to the call and learned from Andrew Richmer, owner of the restaurant, that he had been contacted by two customers about their credit cards being overcharged by the business, according to police.

Richmer told officers he began looking into the reports and found 23 credit card receipts had been altered in the "tip" and "total" areas on the receipts, Chief Dan Thurston said. All of the altered receipts had the same waitress employee code, according to police.

Upon being questioned about changing the receipts, Royalty admitted to altering each receipt and was arrested, police said.

Royalty was able to remember exactly how much she changed each tip for all but two of the total receipts, Thurston said.

Police also discovered pills in an bottle in Royalty's purse after she was transported to the Jefferson County Jail, Thurston said. Royalty was also charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony. Police determined the pills to be Ambien and Diazepam. Royalty said she had prescriptions for the pills, the release said.

Upon discovering the overcharging, restaurant officials looked at receipts dating back three weeks for receipts that had been altered. Thurston said it is possible there are more victims in this case who have not been identified. Anyone who suspects they have been overcharged for a meal should contact Patrolman Harris at the police department at (812) 265-3347.