(Madison Courier staff photos by Connor Jacobs)
(Madison Courier staff photos by Connor Jacobs)
The flood warning issued last weekend for counties along the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers extended into Monday after the projected crest on Saturday afternoon was delayed by a day locally, with the Ohio River topping out Sunday morning at Madison.

The crest finally came Sunday morning at 449.4 feet, about a foot and a half below the 451-foot threshold for more widespread flooding. The river had started to fall by Monday morning but still remained in the “action stage” at 448.9 feet at 7 a.m. with projections to be back below 440 feet by Wednesday — barring no additional rain in the region served by the Ohio River and its tributaries.

“We had a couple of roads go under water — Hanover Beach and Walker’s Landing — but we’re talking inches and not feet,” Jefferson County Emergency Management Director Troy Morgan said. “I was out driving most of the roads over the weekend and most were OK. I don’t condone it — I urge against it — but some residents were driving on the roads that were under water and they had no problems. The water wasn’t very deep but you never know when a road bed is washed out.”

“There was no water on any homes so I think we dodged a bullet this time,” Morgan added.

The Ohio River had covered the Madison Regatta Judges Stand above the Madison Boat Ramp and there was water at the edge of the sidewalk and on a portion of Vaughn Drive, but nothing that threatened any of the homes or buildings overlooking the river.

Trimble County Emergency Management Director Andrew Stark agreed, noting the flood threat last weekend was more inconvenient than damaging. He said portions of three county roads — Burkhardt Bottom, Wises Landing and Coopers Bottom — were all blocked by flood water as well as Spring Avenue and School Hollow Road in Milton, but water was not high enough to impact any residences.

“That’s the third year in a row that we’ve had high water this week of February,” Stark said. “It was higher in 2019 and a lot higher in 2018. The big worry you always have is that you’ll have a year like 2018 where another big rain will come when you are already high and then you get flooding. In 2018 we were already high it and it rained a little every day for like three weeks until the ground was saturated and then we got a big rain and there was flooding. As long as we get a break in the rain we’ll be OK.”

Although the weather forecast calls for light showers Tuesday morning, the long range weather pattern indicates mostly dry weather the next several days.