A Madison woman who said she was locked inside the Lide White Boys & Girls Club last week after it closed for the night has been charged with taking electronic items and food from the club.

Kaity L. Drees, 33, faces a Level 6 felony count of theft. Prosecutors filed the charge Monday in Jefferson Superior Court.

Madison Police responded to the club twice Friday morning after receiving reports of the building’s alarm going off.

Club officials and officers reviewed video surveillance in the building and saw a female in the building from about 8 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. The video showed the woman carrying several items and walking through the building, the probable cause affidavit said.

Police identified the woman as Drees.

On Saturday, Madison Police officers responded to a call of two trespassers at an abandoned home in the 300 block of Green Road. Police identified Drees as one of the people at the residence.

Officers told the two that the property was owned by the bank, and they were trespassing. Drees said they were looking to purchase the home.

Police noted Drees appeared to be under the influence of drugs, the affidavit said.

While speaking with Drees, police became aware other officers were looking to question her about the break in at the Boys & Girls Club.

Drees claimed she didn’t break in, but instead fell asleep in the building. She told officers she took an iPad from the building in an attempt to return it to a school. While retrieving the iPad for police, Drees also brought back a laptop computer and two other bags.

Police arrested Drees and took her to the Jefferson County Jail.

During an interview with police Sunday morning, Drees told officers she was in a “daze” Thursday night and didn’t think anything about it when workers began shutting off the lights.

Drees also told police she didn’t call for help after realizing she was locked in because she “felt stupid.”

The woman told police she took the food with the intention of taking it to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, and she took the electronics in order to return them to an area school.

She told police she wasn’t under the influence of narcotics or drugs while at the Boys & Girls Club or during the interview, but Drees later said she had been given a Loratab.

Jail officials said Drees appeared to be picking up items that did not exist off the floor prior to the interview, the affidavit said.

Drees appeared for an initial hearing Monday morning in Jefferson Superior Court where she entered a preliminary plea of not guilty to the charge. The Court ordered her to stay away from the Lide White Boys & Girls Club property during the hearing. 

Drees was released from the jail on her own recognizance following the hearing.