A Lexington woman who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine was sentenced to 10 years of community corrections Wednesday.

Darci J. McFadden, 21, was one of four people arrested in July 2012 from a home on Kentucky Avenue for suspected meth production and use. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, a Class B felony.

During a sentencing hearing held in October, McFadden testified that at the time of her arrest she was dating Christopher Peelman, a co-defendant in the case who was found guilty and sentenced to 38 years in prison.

That relationship, she said, was what drove her to begin using meth.

"I figured if I did it (meth), he'd love me more," she said.

Since her arrest, she began receiving treatment for addiction, stopped socializing with the same people and got a job.

"I've got a good support," she said.

Jennifer Joas, McFadden's attorney, requested the entirety of any sentence McFadden receive be suspended to probation due to the changes she made in her life.

But Chief Deputy Prosecutor D.J. Mote requested McFadden serve some time in prison.

McFadden lied to police during the course of their investigations and during depositions, Mote said. He felt that if she lied then, there would be no reason for her not to lie now.

"That calls into question her credibility in a significant amount," Mote said.

Mote had requested McFadden serve a split sentence - with six years in prison and an additional eight years on probation.

Though a connection was not explicitly established, Mote questioned McFadden about a battery of a state's witness.

McFadden's brother and stepfather were arrested in connection to a serious assault on a man who testified against Peelman, McFadden's boyfriend at the time.

McFadden said the witness had been tormenting people at a party and he fell and injured himself. Police contend that the two men attacked the witness, who sustained slight brain hemorrhaging, facial swelling, a broken nose and broken orbital bones.