Carroll County Sheriff's deputies arrested two women accused of stealing lottery tickets from a Ghent gas station.

Anissa K. Otter, 28, of New Liberty, and Wilma R. Jones, 32, of Ghent, stopped at the Cowboys station in Ghent on the evening of Feb. 19 to purchase gas, a Carroll County Sheriff's Office release said.

According to Deputy Sheriff J.T. Shaw, the women went into the story to pay for the gas, but Otter stayed in the store when Jones went out to the pump. While Otter was in the store, the cashier went to the bathroom and left the counter unattended, the release said.

While the counter was left unattended, Otter took several $5, $10 and $20 lottery tickets from the reels. Otter left the store and returned to Jones' car with the tickets, the release said.

Jones returned to the store and purchased some items to prevent the cashier from becoming suspicious, Shaw wrote in the release.

After driving to Jones' home, the women scratched all of the lottery tickets and hid the losing tickets in a coffee table. Winning tickets were cashed at other locations not disclosed by police, the release said.

Shaw received a call from the gas station's manager on Feb. 20 to report the theft. The cashier identified Jones and Otter as the people in the store, the release said.

After an investigation, the losing lottery tickets were found in Jones' home.

Otter was arrested Feb. 26 on a charge of theft by unlawful taking under $500, a Class A misdemeanor. Jones was arrested Feb. 27 for theft by unlawful taking under $500, a Class A misdemeanor. Both women were lodged in the Carroll County Detention Center.