A 21-year-old Milton, Ky., man was sentenced Thursday to a year in jail after pleading guilty to multiple charges of attempted theft by extortion and terroristic threatening earlier this week.

Logan Robert Price received the maximum sentence of 12 months in jail after he pleaded guilty to 12 counts of terroristic threatening in the third degree - a Class A misdemeanor - and six counts of attempted theft by extortion - a Class B misdemeanor - in Trimble County District Court.

Price admitted to sending a series of text messages demanding cash and other items to Keith and Jennifer Goodin in June 2013 while they were raising money for their son's medical expenses.

Price's sentence will be broken into parts, Trimble County District Court Judge Jerry Crosby said. Price immediately will be incarcerated for 60 days in the Carroll County Detention Center in Carrollton, followed by 60 days of home incarceration. Price also will serve 10 months of community service with a minimum of 10 hours of service each month supervised by probation and parole officials.

Price will have to report to probation and parole officers for two years, obey the rules and regulations outlined by the court and continue with counseling for control and behavior issues.

Crosby also ordered Price not to have contact with the Goodins and to pay court costs.

The charges stem from a series of text messages Price sent to the Goodins - who were at the University of Kentucky Medical Center with their son Christopher - demanding a car, then cash and other items from the family. Price threatened to harm the family if his demands weren't met.

During Thursday's sentencing hearing, Crosby allowed the Goodins to enter statements. Commonwealth attorney Perry Arnold entered 14 additional statements from the UK medical staff, family, friends and community members into court records that also were considered in Price's sentencing.

Keith Goodin described how the threats impacted and continue to impact the family.

"It was an immensely stressful situation," he said. "I felt (the threats) were viable."

Goodin said he contacted police, who told him to keep communicating with the person. He also notified the medical staff at UK, where Christopher was in the intensive care unit with complications from cystic fibrosis.

Because of the threats, visitation procedures at the hospital changed. The changes allowed fewer family members to be with Christopher while his health was deteriorating. The threats also took Keith Goodin away from his son during the final two weeks of his life, he said.

"We knew our time with Christopher was getting short," he said.

Keith Goodin also kept the threats from his wife, Jennifer, for a while.

"I needed her to be focused on Christopher's care," he said.

Jennifer Goodin said during the hearing that she knew Price from her work at the high school. Price had been in a relationship with the student director of a high school Christmas play and attended play practices.

Jennifer Goodin said she taught Price how to operate the sound system and the spotlight for the production. She said Price knew her son and would often ask about how he was doing.

She said Price took away the safety and security she felt in her own community after he began sending the messages. Price also took away visiting opportunities family members could have with Christopher in his last weeks.

"You stole time and that's something that we can never, ever get back," she said.

During the sentencing hearing, Price's attorney Edward Bourne called Edward Connor, a licensed psychologist from Erlanger who had evaluated and counseled Price, to testify to Price's ability to understand the situation.

Connor said Price was able to rationalize the nature of the charges. Still, he said Price showed signs of having high dependency issues and immaturity, was "very simple minded" and didn't process information at a normal rate.

Connor also said Price didn't seem to recognize or know the pain he caused the family, even after six counseling sessions.

Crosby took the testimony heard at the trial and the written statements from other family members and friends of the Goodins into consideration before he issued his ruling.

Price was taken into custody after the hearing to begin his 60-day incarceration at the Carroll County Detention Center.