Lindsey Sachleben
March 21, 1996 - Feb. 6, 2017
Lindsey Sachleben March 21, 1996 - Feb. 6, 2017
When Lindsey Sachleben and Ethan Stewart were born, they were shining stars in their parents’ universe. Their potential, it seemed, had no bounds. But, as they sped at lightning speed toward their teenage years, Lindsey and Ethan became overwhelmed with dark feelings they believed they couldn’t overcome. The Jefferson County teens are two of several children and adults who have ended their lives by suicide. Their stories are common. The suicide death rate in Jefferson County in 2016 was 33.9 per 100,000 people – nearly triple the national rate and more than double the state rate. Today, The Madison Courier begins a special series exploring suicide in our community. Staff Writer Phyllis McLaughlin spent weeks speaking with parents of suicide victims, a young woman who is battling every day to work through her depression, counselors and law enforcement officials to help us understand suicide and why some people feel the only resolution to ending their pain is to end their lives. We thank those who agreed to be inerviewed for their contributions to this report. We hope this series encourages community dialogue. We also caution readers that some of the stories are graphic. We urge parents to read the stories before showing them to their children.