The demolition of the first section of the old Madison-Milton Bridge has been rescheduled for Tuesday, weather permitting.

The blast already has been rescheduled two times because of weather and river conditions.

The blast, which will involve using controlled explosives on the 700-foot span, will take place at 9 a.m.

The new bridge will close prior to the blast, and is expected to reopen later that day.

In coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Ohio River is also scheduled to close at 9 a.m. and remain closed for 24 hours to allow for the demolition and retrieval of the truss span from the water.

Spectators must remain outside of the 1,000-foot safety perimeter, which will be maintained by local authorities. 

Recreational boaters are required to stay 1,000 feet from the bridge. An FAA no-fly zone of 2,000 feet will also be in effect prior to and during the blast. Once the safety perimeter is secured, sirens will sound at 10-, 5- and 1-minute intervals prior to the blast.