While the demolition date of the old bridge keeps getting pushed back due to river conditions, the date to celebrate the new bridge is set.

The city of Madison will host a Bridge Slide Celebration starting at 4 p.m. July 27 at Bicentennial Park.

The schedule features music from the Community Concert Band, the Doctor's Band, the Cliff Robinson Air Show, music from Rusty Bladen - who is debuting a new song called "Brand New Bridge," a flash mob, a boat parade and a screening of the movie "Cars." The city will also attempt to break a world record that weekend.

Devon Kondaki, a community relations intern for the city is helping to put the celebration together. He said Madison is going to try something different with this celebration. The city will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the number of people to slide down a water slide in one hour. The current world record is 200 different people in one hour.

Kondaki, a Hanover College senior, said it takes between 11 and 13 seconds for a person to get down the slide at Crystal Beach. If event organizers are able to keep that pace going, 5.4 people will slide down each minute. Which could mean up to 324 people putting Madison into the record books.

"It's just a way for people to help put Madison on the map for something silly," Kondaki said.

While the event itself is silly, Kondaki said the logistics are anything but.

For the attempt to count, three cameras have to record the event in its entirety for review, two people have to time it, two people have to act as witnesses and there will also be lifeguards working the top and bottom of the slides to keep the line moving and ensure safety.

Kondaki said it's a lot to juggle, but all the city needs at this point is enough people to sign up.

"The record is 200 and we're shooting for at least 300," he said.

Anyone interested in participating can sign up at city hall or at Crystal Beach Pool. Currently, Kondaki said, there are around 80 people who have signed up.

"The only real requirement is that you're able to go down the slide alone," he said.

All of the Bridge Slide Celebration events are free and open to the public.