A student-driven technology conference is being held to show students how to use social media to their best advantage.

Madison Consolidated Schools is presenting a digital leadership conference open to students across the state on April 26 at Madison Consolidated High School. Students between eighth-grade and senior year are eligible to attend.

The conference - "Alter Ego! Discover Your Digital Identity" - is about making sure students are using the Internet to their benefit, and not putting the wrong kind of content online, according to MCS Public Strategist Melanie Torline.

"We want to make sure kids are pushing out their positive digital identities and using social media for good."

The conference is the first digital technology conference in Indiana that has been planned for students, Torline said. It's also been planned by students in the digital leadership class.

Classes at the conference include workshops on cyber bullying, digital identities and social media. Four workshop sessions will be offered throughout the day.

It will also include a keynote address from Ben Honeycutt, who used social media in high school to help a school in Nepal receive Internet access and laptops.

"He's still working on that project and trying to raise enough money to build a brand new school," Torline said.

Honeycutt is the son of Kevin Honeycutt, an educational technologist, who spoke at a technology conference for parents in March.

Attendance to the conference is free. To register, students can go to http://mbcurl.me.FYBP.

Registration ends Friday.