Thunderstorms on Thursday have forced the postponement of the Madison-Milton bridge slide set for Sunday.

Officials now expect the slide to take place early in the work week of April 6, Indiana Department of Transportation spokesman Will Wingfield said.

Heavy rain caused delays in the final preparation work, he said, but crews continue to work as the weather allows.

High winds and debris in the river also caused Rockin' Thunder Jet Boats captains Paul Nicholson and Janet Harding to suspended the passenger ferry cross-river rides between Madison and Milton on Thursday and today.

The emergency ferry - operated by Anderson Ferry Co. of Hebron, Ky. - continues to transport emergency vehicles as needed even with the rainy conditions, Phil Mullins with the Madison Milton Ferry said.

Bridge project officials announced Tuesday that the emergency ferry had suspended runs after dark because of elevated river levels and excessive debris.

The river has risen about 10 feet since ferry services first began about three weeks ago, Mullins said.

Ferry boat captains continue to monitor weather conditions and river levels throughout each day to determine the safety of river crossings.

"Safety is always paramount," Mullins said.