Two area residents have been linked to at least four Trimble and Carroll county burglaries, one of which targeted a family that was attending the funeral service of their 17-year-old son.

Terry Hopper, Florence Ind., and Pamela Bentz, Bedford, Ky., were arrested in Portland, Tenn., last week after police say they attempted to sell stolen guns to an ex-law enforcement officer.

The former officer, a licensed firearms dealer, ran the serial numbers of the guns through the local police department and discovered that the items were stolen. Besides guns, which included 12 rifles and shotguns, police found knives, jewelry and watches in the car Hopper and Bentz were driving.

The two remain in Tennessee awaiting extradition to Trimble County, where Kentucky State Police have issued an arrest warrant for two burglaries.

One of the burglarized homes is owned by Keith and Jennifer Goodin in Bedford. At the time of the break-in, the family was attending a funeral service for their son, Christopher, who died of cystic fibrosis.

It was the second time in one month the family had been the victim of a crime. In late June, Robert Logan Price, 21, was accused of attempting to extort $15,000 in cash from the family.

Police set up a meeting with Price at a local Dollar General, where they made an arrest.

Price, who posted a $5,000 cash bond, is scheduled to be in Trimble County District Circuit Court in early August.

Following Wednesday's incident, the family reported that guns, jewelry and money were missing from their home.

Kentucky State Police Spokesman Brad Arterburn said troopers were granted a search warrant for Bentz's home over the weekend in Trimble County and recovered other items connected with the recent break-ins.

Between the Tennessee arrest and the warrant, police matched serial numbers to items missing from the Goodin household, as well as at least three other homes.

In Carroll County, the pair has been linked to at least two burglaries, both of which occurred on July 3.

Carroll County Deputy Sheriff Clay Cable said once the suspects are taken to Trimble County, Carroll County plans to issue an arrest warrant as well.  

"We're waiting for them to be brought back to Kentucky, and then we'll file a warrant here in Carroll County," he said.