Republican Thomas Massie won the Republican nomination in the hotly contested 4th Congressional District in Tuesday's Kentucky primary election.

The district includes Carroll and Trimble counties.

Massie will meet Democrat William Adkins who won his party's nomination.

There was a turnout of 20.8 percent of registered Trimble County voters for the primary. In Carroll County, the turnout was 8.91 percent. Statewide there was a voter turnout of 11.93 percent.

Massie, a relative newcomer of politics, and a protégé of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, beat two well-established Republicans in state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore.

Massie had 19,684 votes, or 45 percent, Webb-Edgington had 12,546 votes or 29 percent and Moore had 6,513 votes or 15 percent.

Massie received 79 votes in Trimble County and 52 votes in Carroll County.

"Some people want to make this race about the tea party," Massie said after securing the victory. "Good campaigns and good government are about building coalitions. This is a coalition of the tea party, the liberty movement and grassroots Ronald Reagan Republicans. And we have one thing in common: We want less government, not more."

The Republican nominee in the 4th District would be the overwhelming favorite to win the November general election. The congressional seat has been held by the GOP since 1967, except for a six-year stint between 1999 and 2005 when Democrat Ken Lucas served.

With 19 of 20 counties reporting, Adkins had 17,203 votes or 69 percent. Adkins received 544 votes in Trimble County and 299 in Carroll County.

For the office of State Representative for the 47th District, which covers Carroll, Henry, Trimble counties and parts of Oldham County, Republican T.K. Broecker won with 1,018 votes or 59 percent over Charity Wolf-Edmonston who received 712 votes or 41 percent. Broecker received 102 votes in Trimble County and 73 in Carroll County. Wolf-Edmonston received 78 votes in Trimble County and 58 votes in Carroll County.

"I'm feeling pretty good and I love that the people came out to vote for the primaries," Broecker said. "We will need to see more people come out in November though if we're going to see some changes."

Republican Courtney Tigue-Baxter won the primary for the Commonwealth Attorney for the 12th Judicial District, which covers Trimble, Henry and Oldham counties. She received 3,763 votes or 62.8 percent, while John Shaughnessy received 2,222 votes or 37 percent. Baxter received 113 votes from Trimble County, compared to John Shaughnessy's 77 votes from Trimble County.

"I am ecstatic," Baxter said. "I love what I do, we worked tirelessly and this is a dream come true. I am thrilled, this is an indescribable feeling after months and months of work. We ran a clean campaign and we worked hard to get the message out to voters that I was the most qualified. I just want to thank all the voters that came out to support me and all the volunteers."

For the office of Trimble County Circuit Clerk, Stacy M. Bruner won the primary over John C. Edwards with 654 votes. Edwards had 425 votes.

"I'm very proud and very humbled," Bruner said. "I'm so grateful to the voters that came out and I'm just ready to become the next Circuit Clerk. I want to thank everyone who supported me. This has been an amazing experience."

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, facing no real competition, easily won Kentucky's GOP primary with 117,396 votes, or 67 percent. More important to his campaign was the pickup of 42 delegates for the Republican National Convention.

President Barack Obama had no Democratic opponent. Even so, with little to drive Democrats to the voting booths, Obama received 119,277 votes, or 58 percent, while 42 percent of voters marked their ballots "uncommitted."

In 67 of the state's 120 counties, more voters marked their ballots uncommitted than voted for Obama.