Crews use two tugboats to move a 600-foot span of the new Madison-Milton bridge from the construction site on the Milton side of the Ohio River into position at the temporary piers next to the existing bridge this morning. The process of lifting the span into position is expected to take three days.

The project officials have stated that the public can watch the span lift from the bank outside the restricted, fenced-in project area. Recreational boaters are discouraged from watching the lift from the river, they said. Boats must stay back 500 feet on each side of the bridge and the restricted area will be enforced, they said. Also, a "no-wake" zone is in place 1,000 feet upstream and downstream of the bridge during the lift.

The city's Riverfront Development Committee canceled its plan to have a tent for watching the lift, saying that fencing and the need for construction trucks to go in and out made it impractical. The committee plans to have a tent set up for the next span lift in August. (Staff photo by Ken Ritchie)