Hours after being arrested Friday on attempted kidnapping and stalking charges, a Trimble County man posted bond and was released from the Carroll County Detention Center.

James D. Harmon, 39, of Bedford, was released on a $50,000 unsecured bond for a charge of attempted kidnapping and a $500 unsecured bond for a charge of terroristic threatening, Carroll County Detention Center Jailer Michael Humphrey said Monday.

Unsecured bonds are not backed by monetary possessions. Instead, a contract is signed with the person agreeing to appear before the court or pay the bail bond after failing to appear in court.

Trimble County attorney Perry Arnold said people arrested on criminal charges often go through a pre-trial release conference with an officer of the courts to determine a person's bond and release. The officer considers prior criminal charges, employment and other factors based on a points system to determine if the person would be considered low-, medium- or high-risk for bonding. A judge determines the bonding based on the provided information, he said.

Police arrested Harmon on Friday on preliminary charges of attempted kidnapping, a Class C felony; stalking, a Class A misdemeanor; and two counts of terroristic threatening, a Class A misdemeanor.

Authorities found Harmon at the Trimble County Public Library following an investigation into complaints by a woman that Harmon had approached her children and tried to get them into his vehicle several times during July and August, police said.

According to the arrest warrants, Harmon had followed three juvenile females around Bedford trying to get the children into his vehicle several times. At one point, Harmon tried to grab one of the girls and had his hands on the girl before friends we able to pull her away, according to court records.

The arrest warrants claimed Harmon stalked the juveniles and yelled at their mother, making vulgar comments. The documents also stated the mother gave reports of two juvenile boys running into her home from the bus stop one morning after Harmon made sexual comments toward them.

According to online court records, Harmon is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on Sept. 17 in Trimble County District Court.