A new evaluation will be implemented within the next few years in the state of Kentucky and Trimble County Schools will be ready - whenever that time may come.

The district's assistant superintendent Jessica Wilcoxson told school board members during a meeting Wednesday that the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, which was supposed to go into effect next year, still has some time before full implementation in school districts. The Professional Growth and Effectiveness System will serve as a new evaluation system for school administration and teachers in the coming years.

"The new evaluation is going to be quite different," she said.

The evaluation system will include professional growth planning and self-reflections, student growth, student evaluations and observations.

"It's yet to be determined how test data will be used," Wilcoxson said. "We need a little bit more information (from the state)."

This year, the high school served as the district's pilot and test school, which provided administrators and teachers a glimpse of how the evaluation system might look once fully-implemented in the next few years.

High school principal Rachael Adams said the new evaluation system makes teachers take a closer look at their teaching strategies to find "exemplary" work.

"It's going to be good for Kentucky, I think," she said.

Superintendent Marcia Dunaway noted the evaluation system has been a learning process for everyone involved this year, but teachers have done well preparing for the changes.

"We feel like we're ahead of the game, and we'll be ready when it's implemented," Wilcoxson said.

The school board also discussed the Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning Working Conditions Survey, or TELL Kentucky survey. The survey allowed educators to evaluate the teaching and learning conditions through an anonymous process over a two-year period.

Dunaway said the survey showed there are some areas for the school to improve, like the bandwidth for school technology.

The district recently upgraded the bandwidth switches, but the district still waits for the state to allow more bandwidth for faster processing to be released. Already the schools have seen increased speeds, even though the district continues to use more and more technology.

The school board also discussed the high school's low score on access to office equipment and supplies. In 2011, teachers scored the school at a 92.9 percent. In 2013, teachers only ranked the school at 52.4 percent - a 40 percent drop.

Adams told the school board that she had been encouraging teachers to make less copies during the school year because of a $23,000 copy bill last year. The school's operating budget was only $50,000, and cuts needed to be made, she said.

The board discussed looking into options to help with the copying costs, while still allowing teachers to make the worksheet and assessment copies they need for class.

"The teachers need the tools to teach," board member Jill Simmons said.

In other business:

• Vickie Cox and Jeff Casey with Bertke, Sparks and Kremer, Inc. of Crestview Hills presented the district's annual audit to the board.

The auditors noted that the district's food service seemed to be struggling, mostly because of the high free or reduced meal program.

"Food service is a fund that should support itself," Cox said.

The auditors warned the school district of the "Redbook" regulations that require approval of school expenses.

"You're almost stuck between a rock and a hard place," Cox said, noting each expense had to be approved by at least the next level of advisors.

• School board members received information about the District Team Data Analysis and District Delivery Targets for the upcoming school years. The district's instructional supervisor Rebecca Moore said the targets differ from the annual yearly progress set each year.

"In most cases, we did not meet delivery targets even though we met overall goals," she said.

The analysis and targets set longer-term goals for the district to meet through the annual state proficiency testing.

• School board members approved the BG-4 for the high school roof and phase one of the district's athletic project. The paperwork official closed out and signaled completion for both projects.