Veterans deserve our support once they return to civilian life. Legislation authored by state Sens. Sue Glick, R-LaGrange, and Allen Paul, R-Richmond, provides needed help to those veterans wishing to continue their education.

Gov. Mike Pence signed Senate Enrolled Act 115 into law Tuesday. The law requires state colleges and universities with at least 200 veteran students to establish a "combat to college" program, creating administrative and educational assistance for those students.

This is an important piece of legislation since the unemployment rate for returning veterans remains well above the national average.

"As the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans remains high, we must take extra care to provide educational and career assistance for our returning soldiers," Glick told the Associated Press. "The 'combat-to-college' program is pivotal to helping our veterans find success in civilian life."

"The essential goal of this legislation was to support veterans pursuing a college education," Paul said. "These policies and programs will not only meet the unique needs of veteran students but will give them more opportunities to succeed."

The law comes with a few requirements for participating schools:

• A centralized location for admissions, registration and financial administration services;

• Reasonable fitness accommodations for disabled veterans;

• Academic guidance and counseling services; and

• Job-search assistance.

It's important for our veterans to know that we support them. It's even more important to take positive action to back up our words.