So what if it was a little - make that a lot - muddy. We think this year's Jefferson County 4-H Fair has been a great success.

The fair is coming to a close. And, as in past years, it provided many memories for those 4-Hers who participated. Friday's 4-H Fair livestock auction showed once again that individuals and businesses in the community provide strong support for the young people who make 4-H a part of their lives. Buyers came forward and rewarded the 4-Hers with impressive bidding during the livestock auction. More than $205,000 was spent at the auction.

As is the case every year, there are a few memories we'll take with us from this year's fair...

• It always seems to rain during the 4-H Fair. This year, rain turned the fairgrounds into a giant mud pit in some spots. An enterprising 4-H club could have made a small fortune washing the mud off of cars. Thanks to the young folks who helped many people out of the mud in the parking area.

• We know people love pets. The Courier's cutest pet contest drew a lot of interest. People voted for their favorite pet - a penny a vote, but many offered more - with the proceeds going to the animal shelter. We thank those who donated to the project.

We say it every year, and it bears repeating - the 4-H kids are among the nicest young people you'll ever meet. They are smart, well-mannered and dedicated. That's a reflection of the guidance they receive at home and from their 4-H leaders.

• And, finally, the food. You just can't beat fair food. From fish sandwiches to doughnuts to homemade ice cream, it was all great.

The 2013 Jefferson County Fair was a success. Congratulations to the organizers and the 4-H kids who work year-round to make it so much fun for the rest of us.

All that's left is for us to wash the mud off our sneakers.