It's clear to us that the three members of the Advance Collaboration Team worked diligently to craft an inter-local agreement designed to enhance economic development efforts in Jefferson County.

Team members Debbie Kroger, Larry Wynn and Pete Backus took on a difficult task and, with the help of legal counsel from Ice Miller in Indianapolis, provides the framework for government entities to work together and for the county to move forward.

The agreement calls for the formation of a committee with representatives from Madison, Hanover and Jefferson County.

Members of the Madison City Council, Hanover Town Council, Jefferson County Commissioners and Jefferson County Council should work just as diligently as they review the draft of the agreement that will be presented to them in January.

Those groups have three options: accept the document as it is written, suggest changes that will then be discussed, or reject the document.

We've supported the idea of an inter-local agreement, believing that future development in the county is going to depend on a unified effort with buy-in from city and county governments.

The process that led to Thursday's presentation of the agreement draft has been open. Public input has been encouraged. Suggestions were made and healthy discussions followed.

What we've witnessed is democracy at work.

The ACT fulfilled its mission. Now it is time for city and county officials to work collaboratively to adopt or revise the agreement that will serve all citizens of Jefferson County.