As we go through life, there are people we find ourselves admiring. Perhaps it's a favorite teacher, or an athlete, or a parent.

Let's add to that list the team of engineers and workers who are now in the final stages of building us a new bridge to connect Indiana and Kentucky.

Sure, there were speed bumps along the way. Sliding a 30-million-pound bridge 55 feet over a river has never been done before. And, who could predict what kind of havoc Mother Nature was going to inflict?

Watching the bridge slide last week wasn't spectacular ... kind of like watching paint dry, a few observers noted. Moving a 2,428-foot-long bridge doesn't happen lickety-split. It's a slow, laborious process.

But when one considers the scope of the task all we can say is that we're in awe of the men and women who pulled off that engineering marvel.

The bridge slide was so precise that the jacks doing the pulling were calibrated by lasers to be within 3 millimeters of each other to ensure that the bridge stayed aligned. By the way, 3 millimeters is about one-eighth of an inch.

Any project that has numbers ranging from 30-million pounds to 3 millimeters is awe-worthy.

Congratulations and thank you to Walsh Construction and all of the workers for successfully completing this stage of the bridge project.