In 1813, the Dufour family founded Vevay. That was a year before Switzerland County became a county in what was then the Indiana Territory.

The area first became a settlement after John James Dufour Jr. and his family petitioned Congress for property along the Ohio River in 1802, with the intent to begin vineyards in the United States.

Because the area had enough similarities to their native country, the Dufours felt that the area would be a successful location for wine production.

Over the years, more immigrants moved to the area because of the successful agricultural conditions and trade on the Ohio River.

The area continues to proudly celebrates its heritage. Every year the Swiss Wine Festival draws thousands to Vevay and homes that featured French- and Swiss-inspired designs that were built during the prosperous times still stand today, as do several business buildings that line the main streets of Vevay.

On Sunday, a community birthday party will be held at Paul Ogle Park. The celebration of the past, present and future begins with a community worship service before a day of music, food - including birthday cake - games and other activities.

Head over to Vevay sometime this weekend to help those good folks celebrate 200 years of good fortune.