Let's give a shout-out to the kids at Rykers' Ridge Elementary School.

They raised $220 last week to donate to the Madison Police Department's drug dog program.

We read and hear so much about kids making poor choices, that it's great to be able to report on youngsters who have been raised well by their parents and already are contributing to society as good citizens.

The money was raised during the school's Red Ribbon Celebration week, a week dedicated to spreading an anti-drug message to students. 

The fifth-grade group "Principal Assistant Leaders" (PALS) coordinated the school's spirit days that celebrated Red Ribbon Week.

The group came up with the idea to have students donate spare change on one of the spirit days.

"They came up with the theme 'Drugs Don't Make Cents,'" Amy Perkins, a school counselor, said. "They decided to donate extra change that they had. The students set up buckets in the gymnasium and around the school and had students bring in their change."

The kids behind the plan were PAL members Hannah Rutledge, Katelyn Tullis, Ariannah Harris, Blake Ashby, Russell Bouchard, Dalton Berry, Lundun Perry, Sebastian Biallas, Chloe Barron and Lani Stockdale.

But congratulations need to go to the entire student body for its participation.

Endeavors such as PALS and The Mayor's Eagles at Lydia Middleton Elementary School are teaching children the value of community service.

Good job, kids. And kudos, too, to the parents and teachers who are teaching these children to be good citizens.