Runners and walkers of all ages will be navigating the streets of Madison on the morning of Saturday July 6, during The Madison Courier's Firecracker 10K Walk/Run. We invite everyone to join us - either running, walking or being a spectator.

This is the 35th year the event has been held.

The fun begins at 8 a.m. for walkers and runners, a change from previous years when the runners started one-half hour after the walkers.

There still is time to register. Entry forms will run in The Courier, and an online form is at

Registration will continue until the morning of the race.

The event is much more than an athletic competition. Some runners and walkers participate to compete against others in their age bracket or to better their own times. Many participants enter for the fun of spending time with friends. Some out-of-towners participate to renew those once-a-year friendships.

But make no mistake, the course is a challenge and has been praised by many serious runners and walkers. The race begins at Madison Consolidated High School and winds through the hills to Madison's downtown.

Like any successful community event, volunteers play a huge role in putting on the run. From staffing the registration booth to handing out water to keeping track of times, it's a monumental effort taking care of the hundreds of participants.

The hard work and willingness of our volunteers has made it possible to have this event year after year.

If you aren't running or walking, join us at the start and finish lines and lend moral support to those who are.