Wouldn't you like a job where you got a five-figure bonus after only six months on the job.

Purdue University trustees are giving school president Mitch Daniels a $58,000 performance bonus for his first six months in office.

Outrageous. Irresponsible. You pick the adjectives.

Trustees approved the $58,000 bonus following a five-minute discussion Friday. The trustees did not discuss Associated Press reports on emails showing that while Daniels was governor he tried to eliminate liberal "propaganda" from teacher education courses at Indiana's public universities.

By most accounts, however, Daniels has been active in his first six months. He's fought for tuition freezes and has been accessible to faculty and staff.

Still, that kind of bonus after such a short period is unnecessary.

Daniels has a base salary of $420,000 - a pretty nice wage - and is eligible for up to $126,000 in bonuses.

Daniels has been on the job for such a short time that his performance goals haven't been set.

Trustees chairman Keith Krach praised the job Daniels has done since he became president of Purdue in January.

As higher education costs continue to skyrocket, this raise sends a bad message to Hoosiers who are scraping together funds to send their kids to college.