NBA star Kevin Durant's emotional tribute to his mother after he was named pro basketball's Most Valuable Player this week set the bar high for the rest of us who want to tell Mom how important she has been in our lives.

Sunday is Mother's Day - a day set aside to pay tribute to every woman who takes on the incredibly difficult task of raising a child.

Durant told his mother that she was the real MVP. She went to bed hungry, but always made sure her children had food. She worked long hours, but still had time to help them with their studies. She was there to offer encouragement and heal the hurts.

Her humble response wasn't surprising. She was thrilled that her son won an award for playing basketball, but she's most proud of the man he grew up to be.

When was the last time you told your mother you love her? Shame on you if you don't do it often. Honoring our moms one day a year isn't nearly enough. If your mother is like most, a day hasn't passed since you were born that she hasn't thought about you.

Funny thing about moms is that they never relinquish the job even though it doesn't come with a paycheck. It must be the great benefits ... watching children grow from infancy to adulthood and then creating new generations for grandma to love.

From the time we are born through our teen years and into adulthood, moms always seem to have the right answers even though children don't come with instruction manuals.

Mom patiently teaches us things long after we foolishly believe we know it all. Moms deserve so much more than just one special day each year.

It would be difficult for any of us to pay back all we owe to our mothers. But once a year, on her day, we try.

So, to all those moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!